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There are several methods to teach and make their future bright.

1: AUDIO: Through Audio, we teach our students about the pronunciation of A, B, C, D, E, F, up to Z. Alif ba (Urdu charecters) You can ask us about the sounds.

2: VIDEO: Through Video, we teach our students how they can make a sound of A, B, C, up to Z. They watch Video or CD to change their mouth shape to say A, B, C, up to Z. They also see pictures which are from their books.

3: RHYTHM: With rhythm Juniors learn how to sing ABC. With this, they learn A to Z complete ABC. They also learn English and Urdu Poems with Rhythm. To learn with Rhythm, this is the easiest way for Juniors.

4: COMPUTER: Through this, Juniors learn to recognize colour, to fill colour in different shapes, pictures and they play games too.
For senior classes, they learn about computer, to operate and work in different software because the most seniors have subject of Computer Sciences..

5: ROUTINE TEST: Through this method, students learn their lesson at home that they have done in class and the next day, the teacher takes test. This test is called routine test. Like this, it is more convenient for a student to learn his lesson. This method decreases the burden of students. He learns easily. It prepares them for MONTHLY TEST.

6: MONTHLY TEST: Through this method, we give a Date sheet of monthly test which is different from the Examination. They give test of all subjects in four days. It prepares them for Examination.

7: DEBATES: We have opportunity for students to take part in Debates. It creates confidence in students. They can say easily what they want to say.

8: SPORTS: We have arrangements of indoor games for students. We also arrange competition. Winners get medal, trophy, certificate and many more for their encouragement.


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